JMG Communications is an independent Franco-Germanic PR agency based in Paris (France). We are specialized in the following sectors: building, construction, residential, industry, tourism and hospitality. Founded in 2003 by Jitka Mencl-Goudier and headquartered in Paris, the agency offers the complete range of PR and media relations services. As an owner-operated agency, we operate independently of the organisational constraints of large networks.

The main benefits for our customers are the excellent international contact network and long-standing contacts to the German and French-speaking media. We guarantee the successful implementation of PR concepts and communication with the media and public by calling on employees with substantial experience in PR and media relations and special industry knowledge.


JMG Communications carries out communication activities in France, Germany, Belgium, Austria and Switzerland and cooperates with a network of highly qualified independant PR firms in the European countries.

JMG Communications is member in several professional associations:

  • AJCAM - French association for specialized journalists in the building, home and decoration sector.

Our benefits :

  • The communication in three languages - English, French, German
  • Special industry knowledge
  • Small and independent agency, professional and proactive PR consultants


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